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Water Tank Cleaning Dubai

Importance of Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai/Sharjah

Water tank cleaning in Dubai and Sharjah is a basic necessity. Today, everybody is concerned about clean and safe water, but nobody bothers about the cleaning of water tanks on a regular basis. Clean water is absolutely vital for human existence, thus the need for water tanks to safely store water. The continuous use of storage tanks without a regular cleanliness dirt, dust, bacteria and other contaminated particles. The contaminated tanks when used directly affect our health. Disinfection of the water tanks is especially as necessary as the cleanliness of your homes and commercial places. We are expert in services for Water Tank Cleaning Dubai and Sharjah. Nothing is valuable than your health and therefore; no one should compromise the quality of cleanliness of the water tanks especially. For the safety of your health, the use of disinfected food items and the pure water is essential.

Our Water Tanks Cleaning method

We are working on the use of the latest technologies and innovative methods for the provision of water tank cleanliness solutions. Here is what we have to provide you the most powerful cleaning solutions for your water storage tanks.

We use following equipment:

Dusting brushes
Pressure Washer
Vacuum Cleaner
Water drain Pumps
Tank Wash Nozzles

Our Water Tank Cleaning Procedure

Throughout Cleaning: On our first stage of the tank, we start the automatic particular sludge pump is appropriate to clean sludge and dirty water and from the tank.
Dewatering: In this process, we do manually clean the dirt, hard stains and fungus from the tank walls.
Sludge Removal: On our Third stage we will make the solution of chlorine and it will be thrown on the walls of the tank as the stuck dust (fungi, algae) will be loose.
Washing: The walls will be rubbed with the brush.
High-pressure pumps and the latest vacuum cleaners will take off each and every contaminated particle from the storage tank. The above-mentioned water tanks cleaning service and solutions provide them clean, safe, and free from any kinds of chemicals.

Advantages of hiring our water tank cleaning services to include:

In the result of cleaning and sterilizing the water storage tanks, you can be assured of pure water feeding your system to assure the safety of you and your family. Our services are innovative and provide a full-coverage solution for your tank cleanliness issues. We know the importance & sensitivity of water in daily life, therefore we use the health-friendly chemical. We do not use any health hazardous chemical like those people who are unaware of the chemical effect. Because some chemicals are very good for cleaning, but after cleaning nobody can ensure that there is no effect of the chemical will remain. Of course no one.

  • Keeps tank clear of sediment and silt
  • Prevents rust and corrosion caused by debris and organic material
  • Keeps your water supply clean and fresh
  • Reduces tank pump maintenance and costs
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulation
  • Prevents blockages and leakages which can lead to shut-off
  • Prevents disease outbreaks from dangerous legionella bacteria among others
  • Protects associated water systems such as valves and pipes from damage

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